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Accesorio: Sensor Electronico de Presion
Sensor Electronico de Presion



DR 1226   -    DR 1226-K


Electronic pressure-gauge station for use in refrigeration and heating, suitable for gases and liquids.


+ Piezoresitive

+ Measuring range up to 60 barg

+ Output 4 .. 20 mA

+ Supply 12 .. 30 V DC

+ With pressure indicator

+ Two-wire system

+ Protection rating IP 54


Electronic pressure-gauge station




A piezoresistive pressure sensor produces a pressure-proportional bridge voltage.   This voltage is normalised to the corresponding measuring range and is usable as 4-20 mA-signal.


Technical data


Sypply 12-30 V DC  
Output 4 .. 20 mA  
Load max 400 Ohm  
Protection IP 54/65
Accuracy class 1
Ambient temperature -20 C  + 60 C
Weight approx. 2 Kg
Dimensions 380 x 146 x 96 mm
Compression strength   short-time   1,3 times range
Vacuum resistance      highvacuum
Material for DR 1226 GK-CuZn38A
Material for DR 1226-K - 1.4541


Installation instructions

Pressure transducers should not be subjected to me-
chanical vibrations, wall-mounting is recommended.

To achieve sufficient cooling respectively heating of the
fluid, the connection between pipeline and pressure
sensor should be made by a ring syphon.
In case of extreme high or low temperatures it is re-
commended to install a sufficiently long piping.

Accesorio: Sensor Electronico de Presion
Sensor Electronico de Presion
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