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Accesorio: Controlador Digital
Controlador Digital



• RE 3152
• RE 3452
• RE 3652
• RE 3952
• RE 3153
• RE 3453
• RE 3653
• RE 3953


Digital controller with PID control RE3x52
free configurable as:
• 3-term-step-controller for driving electric actuators
   e.g.RTK actuators ST 5100 series or
• Continuous controller for driving pneumatic actuators
   with positioner e.g.: RTK SR 6136 , SR 6137 series

Additional input for lock on(mA) or feedback
potentiometer. Front panel interface for configuration the
controller with a SoftwareTool Optional: Programmer


Technical data


The instrument conforms to European Directive
89/336/EEC and will be provided with the CE-marking.
The following European Generic Standards are met:
Emission: EN 50081-2 and Immunity: EN 50082-2. The
unit is suitable for use in industrial areas ( in residential
areas, RF interference may occur). The electromagnetic
radiation can be reduced decisively by installing the unit in
a grounded metal switch cabinet.




RE3x52 230V 50..60Hz
RE3x53 90-250V 48..62Hz
Power consumption: 10VA max.
Protection rating:
E-connection: IP00
Housing: IP20
Front: IP65 by using all 4 fixing clamps
E-connection: flat pin connectors 1x6.3mm / 2x2.8mm
Housing: switchboard mounting 96x96x160mm
Ambient temperature: 0-60°C
Humidity:max. 95%rel


General information digital controller


Signal input Inp1 (main variable X1):
The analog input Inp1 is used as main variable X1.
The input sensor type is free selectable.
Additional signal input Inp3:
This signal input Inp3 is selectable either as ratio variable X2
or as three-element control X2.
Additional signal input Inp4:
This signal input Inp4 is configured for three-element contro
as control variable X3.
Signal input Inp5:
The signal input Inp5 is selectable either as
external set-point (Wext) or as external set-point shifting.
Signal input Inp6:
This analog input is selectable either as auxiliary variable Z
or as position feedback.
Digital inputs di1,2:
Depending on configuration these inputs are able to
control following operations:

• Switch over between W intern and W extern
• Switch over between automatic and manual mode
• Set-point shifting on / off
• Controller on / off
• Programmer Start / Stop and Reset

di3: Switch over between Local / Remote
di4: Program Stop / Start
di5: Program Reset
di6 / di7: Program select
di8 / di9: Parameter select

Signal output Out1:
Depending on controller type this output is either
switching or continuous.(see table of types)
switching:Used as limit contact
continuous: Used as measure transducer e.g.
actual value (PT100).

Signal output Out 2:
The relay output Out2 can be used depending of the
controller types as controller correcting variable Y1 or
limit contact.

Additional signal output Out3:
This continuous output supports a measure transducer
function too.(only RE3x53).As it is a universal output
extensive functions can be configured.

Signal output Out 4:
The relay output Out4 can be used depending of the
controller types as controller correcting variable Y2 or
limit contact.

Signal output Out 5:
The relay output Out5 is a limit contact.

Accesorio: Controlador Digital
Controlador Digital
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