NFT 250
Trampa de Flotador


Procedencia Estados Unidos

Orificio Variable
Trampas de Vapor
Presiones hasta  250 PSIG (17.2 barg)
Temperaturas hasta  450°F (232°C)
Todos los componentes internos son Stainless Steel Internal Components

Hardened valves and seats.

Extra long life and dependable service.

Resistente al golpe de ariete. Protegido contra la erosion y corrosioin

Erosion Proof — Discharge passage is protected with a
stainless steel liner.

Integral Strainer — Stainless Steel screen prevents dirt
problems. Blow-down connection provided.

Thermostatic Air Vent — Full balanced pressure
element for immediate and complete air venting.

Variable Orifice — Condensate is discharged continuously
through the seat ring which is modulated by the
float. This provides a smooth, even flow without high
velocity or steam entrainment.

SLR Orifice — Optional continuous bleed prevents flash
steam lockup when it is impossible to install trap at low
point in system.

Guarantee — Traps are guaranteed against defects in
materials or workmanship for 3 years.

NFT250–Low capacity
NFT251–Medium capacity
NFT252–High capacity
NFT253–Super high capacity

Steam Lines
Process Equipment
Steam Cookers
Steam Heated Vats
Pressing Machinery
Unit Heaters
Oil Preheaters
Rotating Drum

NFT 250
Trampa de Flotador
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