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Detalles Técnicos

Furnish and install as shown on the plans, high efficiency, inline
horizontal, filter for air, steam or gas constructed with 304 or
316L stainless steel housing and single, open ended element.
Filter shall have an absolute rating of 1, 5 or 25 microns and utilize
double o-ring gaskets to reduce potential downstream leakage of
unfiltered medium. External surface finish of filter housing shall be
no less than 180 grit (25-35 Ra microinch) and joined utilizing a
single clamp. Filter media shall be of sintered 316L stainless steel
and be regenerable. 1 and 5 micron media shall conform to 3A
sanitary standards for production of culinary steam and be USDA
accepted. Connections shall be NPT, flanged ANSI 150 or welded.

Spence Engineering
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