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520Di/R2, 520Di/R

Dispensing and Transfer Pump
Digital/Auto/Manual Control
IP31 Wipedown Enclosure

Technical Information and Features

• Flow rates from 0.004 to 4,800 mL/min (0.00006-76
gph) and dispensing accuracy of ±1% or better
• Discharge pressures up to 30 psi
• Operator friendly keypad offering:
   - Dose mode with easy programming of: Dispense, dispense
      interval, batch size, interval, speed, ramp of
      start and/or finish, suck back (anti-drip function)
   - Easy on the fly calibration by weight or volume allowing
      dose recalibration without batch interruption
   - Dose program storage: Ability to store up to 50 dispensing
   - Manual mode for fluid transfer with: Start/stop, direction,
      and speed control from 0.1 - 300 rpm in 0.1 rpm
   - Easy navigation through menu via up/down arrows
      through 4 lines of text with on-screen help
   - Large clear LCD display during dose with accurate digital
      monitoring for batch progress indicating program
      name, number of doses completed and remaining.
      Display can also toggle from rpm or flowrate (with
      choice of 10 vol or 10 mass flow units)
   - Option of security code protection for set functions, with
      a higher level to safe guard dispensing and calibration
• Flow totalizer, auto re-start, speed limit setting,
   date/time functions also available
• Remote control interface offering:
   - Outputs: 4 configurable status outputs with choice of
      run/stop, direction, leak detected, network/manual,
      dose, batch or general alarm
   - Inputs: 24V industrial logic, 5VTTL or dry contact for
      run/stop, pause dispense, direction, leak detected,
      and dose input
   - RS232 control interface, allowing computer display
      and networking of multiple drives
   - Dispense initiation via footswitch, handswitch, or
      other remote device
• Tough metal and ABS case with broad chemical
   resistance and IP31 enclosure
• Quiet, continuous duty and maintenance free closed
   loop microprocessor controlled brushless DC motor
• Fitted with twin-sprung roller, easy loading 520R or
   520R2 pumpheads for high accuracy and gentle
   pumping. Made from corrosion resistant materials
   with a tough tool unlockable guard
   - 520R2 accepts tube sizes #105, 108, 119, 120, 15,
      24, 121 and 122 (0.5-9.6mm bore & 2.4mm wall)
• Optional 520R for low pressure applications accepts
   tube sizes #112, 13, 14, 16, 25, 17, 18 (0.5-8.0mm
   bore & 1.6mm wall)
• Optional pumpheads include 313/314 easy loading
   flip top, 505L low pulse and 505CA low flow multichannel


Technical Specifications

Shipping Weight: 21 lbs
Maximum Power Consumption: 135 VA
Supply: 100-120/200-240V, 50-60Hz (voltage selectable)
Maximum Rotor Speed: 350 RPM
Enclosure: IP31
Operational Temperature Range: 5°C to 40°C
Noise: max 70dBA at 1 meter
Meets all applicable CE and American ETL Standards


Distribuidor Autorizado de las bombas Peristálticas Warson Marlow para todo el territorio Ecuatoriano es PROINSERVI S.A. - Guayaquil.

520Di/R2, 520Di/R
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